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Konstantin Chaykin
The only watch brand that produces luxury watches completely on their own and only in Russia. Connoisseurs of watchmaking all over the world know Konstantin Chaykin and his manufactory. The brand is recognized by the world professional community as one of the most creative and original
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Aleksandr Nesterenko
An independent watchmaker from St. Petersburg, who produces watches on the basis of the Russian Raketa and Molnija movements — completely on his own. Currently, the master makes no more than 5 watches a year. Order queue is two years ahead
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Uglich by Colibrica design
Sergey Volkov's watch atelier from the ancient Russian town of Uglich on the banks of the Volga (Yaroslavl region, exists since 937), the former center of the Soviet watch industry (where the Chaika factory was located). "Uglich" here is the brand name, and "Colibrica design" is the name of the atelier
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The MII brand was founded in Moscow in 2011 by Alexander Belousov. MII (M2 or M Two I) is an abbreviation — Ivan Ivanovich's Manufactory, a creative pseudonym under which different watchmakers can work at different times. The philosophy of the brand is to make original watches. The in-house manufacturing, hand finishing and an individual approach allow to produce parts that differ significantly from the serial ones in terms of quality and uniqueness. Love and part of the soul of their creators are put into MII products. Hundreds of hours of intricate and painstaking work leave an indelible mark that is inherent in art objects
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The brand of the Verny Hod company (a group of companies of the Trading House Slava). For collectors of Russian watches, the main watch under this brand is the legendary Cosmonavigator by Vladimir Dzhanibekov
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Zlatoust Watch Factory
The only descendant and heir of the First Moscow Watch Factory. Zlatoust divers are the most hardcore Russian watches. Firstly, the size and charisma — base case diameter is 60 mm, "monocoque" type cases, materials such as damask, titanium, marine bronze, zirconium, titanium-zirconium composite and meteorite. Secondly, everything is fundamentally done in Russia, down to metal and sapphire glass (no one else does this!)
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Mikhail Goncharov
Watch enthusiast, connoisseur of watchmaking, expert, and now also a manufacturer of Russian watches!
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Russian manufactory with 300 years of history: Peter the Great established the Imperial Petergof Factory in 1721. But then it worked stones. They make watches in Petrodvorets/Petergof since 1961
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The first watch in space. Also spelled Shturmanskie (which is more correct)
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The first (despite the name "Second"!) Soviet watch factory (1924). High quality and affordable price made Slava a popular watches (or clocks), which were in any home, in any family. Today Trade House Slava produces modern watches designed for a wide range of customers